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2009 News
Monday, 24 May 2010

Middletown Play suspended in late May.

Due to recent and  previously unforeseen developements involving the West School Gym that we have used at Riverview Hospital since 1993, our play has been halted as of May 21st 'until further notice'.

Club director Dave Strang is working on resolving  this, and will update the website homepage and phone messages, and communicate the news as widely as possible when we can resume play there (or elsewhere). This is only the second interuption of Middletown play in 17 years, and we hope it can be resolved as positively as the other one, a statewide issue over recreational activity liability that occured likely about 10 years ago.

If you'd like to be kept on a special updated Middletown TT contact list , please send me an e-mail to nettadave(remove this)@gmail.com with your contact information including full name, work/and or hometown location information and best afternoon and/or evening contact phone numbers. Also feel welcome to leave me a similar message at any of my listed voicemail numbers if that is convienient for you. (include 'Middletown 2010' in the subject line. of e-mails)

You might also include, or send me a separate e-mail note addressed To:  'Facility Administrator'  describing your interest in continued participation in our table tennis club activty along with any appropriate background like your age, general occupation, when you first joined with us and what our sport and Connecticut Table Tennis program like Middletown TTC has meant to you, your health etc..

That might help convince them that I, with your support, am providing CT. citizens a unique recreational sports opportunity you and many others value beyond basement ping-pong or the other more commonly available  recreational sports like Basketball  or  Soccer that with  appeal more limited to only the young, super-competitive or perfectly fit.

At the appropriate time I may print and mail, or forward these 'TT Testimonials' to the Riverview administration, and/or any potential alternative host facilities I can identify - if that seem appropriate at a later date. 

 Or I may post edited versions online with your private information removed and with  last names abreviated (like Dave S. - Prospect, CT) for your privacy. A friendly petition drive - perhaps an online one - might also be announced here - and via phone calls or e-mails to this new list - in the near future.

Thanks for your many prior messages of support and your patience while I work to resolve this situation positively. Sorry for the interuption of our weekly activity in Middletown.  Please Note that Fairfield play on Saturday afternoons and Thursday nights is NOT affected and you are invited to join us there in the meantime if you can. (Saturday afternoon Roadtrip ?!)

If enough of you do that on Saturdays, we might investigate a temporary Sunday session in Fairfield or elsewhere as well, to better accomidate more of you in this - hopefully - temporary situation.

Posted by netta_ct at 5:39 PM EDT

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